Lust Short Story

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Analysis of the story Lust

This paper is on the story Lust. It is about a very young teenage girl and her recount of all her sexual experiences while attending a Boarding School. At first, she almost enjoys retelling of her many experiences but as the story goes on her tone changes to one which allows the readers to see just how sad and depressed and almost ashamed this young girl is about the fact that she has let boys take advantage of her need to want to feel loved. At the end of this the reader should have a good understanding of the turmoil this young girl has gone through because of the careless decisions she has made all because of strong desire for the need to feel loved. "Lust!" The story begins with a young teenage girl talking about the first time she had sex with boys while attending a boarding school. As the story goes on she talks more about the boys she has had sex with and the different situations she found herself in with them. She doesn't talk about any of her other interests very much except the boys she had encounters with. In the story it feels like the girl has very low self- confidence and very low self -esteem "Some things I was good at, like math or painting or even sports but the second a boy put his arm around me, I forgot about wanting to do anything else, which felt like a relief at first until I became like sinking into a muck." In this quote it feels as if she is foreshadowing of the person she would later become. So involved in boys she
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