Essay on Luther's Treatise on Christian Liberty

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To state that Luther, in his essay: Treatise on Christian Liberty destroyed the motivation to live a morally good life would be an all too quick and equally false presumption. Rather, I feel that the opposite is true. In dealing with Luther's essay as well as my own personal beliefs I feel that Luther in fact strengthens every Christian's motivation for faith by way of grace and in relation, the use of works to exude an already present faith in Christ. Though it may seem that Luther shuns the idea of works he in fact presents, quite thoroughly, the case that works are nothing without faith. Yet it is by faith that works become a way of celebrating our salvation. In this essay I will show how Luther actually motivates Christians to…show more content…
I think that this statement alone is very powerful in that it commands our attention to the fact that no matter how hard we try and no matter how good our deeds, we are still lost as to the word of God unless we possess faith. Luther continues on to say: "It is clear that, as the soul needs only the word of God for its life and righteousness, so it is justified by faith alone and not any works; for if it could be justified by anything else, it would not need the word, and consequently it would not need faith" (189). This further reinforces my belief that Luther in point of fact motivates Christians in that it shows them that they need nothing more than true belief to become righteous. It is amazingly simple yet at the same time very complicated for many people because we live in a world that evaluates us on how much we can do and at what speed we can accomplish our said task. This I believe is where faith in Christ is able to free us from our suffering here on Earth. If we only accept that Jesus was sent to pay for our sins and accept him as our savior then we are granted access to the eternal kingdom of heaven. Yet if faith is all that we need to have everlasting life in heaven, then why on earth would we even worry about how we act. It would seem as though once we have salvation through grace then we could return to our lives of sin without having to worry about where we will spend eternity. Luther poses a similar question
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