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Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is a well-known and largest FMCG company in India.
HUL has always revamped its products to meet the changing needs of the consumer without compromising on the quality. This report deals with one of its premier brands "LUX". HUL leads the market in the toilet soap category with
54.3% market share. Lux has inched up to be on par with Lifebuoy in HUL's soaps portfolio. The Lux brand now has an almost equal market share as Hindustan
Lever's largest selling soap brand - Lifebuoy. This report gives an overview of the history of the company and the brand "Lux", the various strategies adopted to
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Toilet soap, once only an urban phenomenon, has now penetrated practically all areas including remote rural areas. The incremental demand flows from population increase and rise in usage norm impacted as it is by a greater concern for hygiene. Increased sales revenues would also expand from up gradation of quality or per unit value.
As the market is constituted now, it can be divided into four price segments: premium, popular, discount and economy soaps. Premium soaps are estimated to have a market volume of about 80,000 tonnes. This translates into a share of about

14 to 15%.
Soaps form the largest pie of the FMCG Market with bathing & toilet soaps accounting for around 30% of the soap market, by value. Currently, the soap industry is divided into three segments namely Premium, Popular and Economy/
Sub popular.
To fight competition, major players Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL), Godrej
Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) and Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting are now drawing up fresh game plans. And the accent is clearly on innovation to gain mind share as well as market share in this overcrowded category.

Major Players
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
With over seven brands ² LUX, LIFEBUOY, HAMAM, REXONA, BREEZE,
DOVE and PEARS ² has 54.3% share of the overall soap market. HUL is India's largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company; its journey began 75 years ago, in
1933, when the company was first incorporated. The company stirring the lives of

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