Luxury Brand Experience In An Omni-Channel Setting With Strategic Online Visual Merchandising Analysis

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Reinforcing the Luxury Brand Experience in An Omni-Channel Setting with Strategic Online Visual Merchandising Introduction Over the past decade, the consumer has taken the lead in online brand perceptions and conceptualizations. Multi-channel business practices are becoming more adaptive with its fast-growing and evolving consumer market. It is essential that retailers in the 21st century acknowledge the success of multi-channel businesses. The function of multiple-channel retail, also commonly known as omni-channel, is to coordinate a coherent way of managing, integrating information, and delivering service and products to the end-customer online and in-store. In both mass retail and in luxury retail, having more than one channel is…show more content…
Luxury retail is built on foundations of creativity, innovation, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. High-end, luxury stores invest heavily in the creativity in their products as well as their retail merchandising in their elegantly embellished stores to match its brand image. Exquisite showrooms with private booking is just one way to accommodate a serious buyer. Thus, it is logically paradoxical that the innate characteristics of luxury becomes open to the public with the internet. Furthermore, the difficulties in mirroring the physical experience into an online experience lies in the existing gap of strategies between the online versus the offline business applications. Our mobile phones, tablets, and computers may provide the composite mirage and manifestation of real world information, however, can websites transcribe the elegance of retail experience from the physical store online? Bridging a tactile versus non-tactile platform in order to generate a more seamless, multi-channel approach to retailing has been an obstacle for luxury retailers. According to a report published by McKinsey and Company, “fashion players are working hard to deliver a seamless, integrated shopping journey across touchpoints” (Mckinsey & Co., 2017). Similarly, in an interview by The Business of Fashion with 24 Sevres’ founder, Ian Rogers states, “you have to have the product, but you also have to merchandise the product in a way that brings people back because you’re an

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