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Luxury Yacht Blog Report

MSc Luxury Brand Management
05th May 2015
Glasgow School for Business and Society
Executive summery 300 These days, social media is always present our lives. Many people like to use social media to promote their products and/or share information. In this report I aim to use our blog, Luxury Yacht (URL: to analyse the effectiveness of marketing communication. Furthermore, we will be using a luxury yacht firm to be our integrated brand and also compare the two marketing tools that have been used. Through the analysis we will be able to see what was an advantage and disadvantage and where we should improve. More, through integrated marketing communication we can better understand how to create marketing value for the luxury yacht industry. At the end of this report, we will provide some suggests for our blog which will aim to improve and bring more readers into information on the luxury yacht industry.

Table of contents

Executive summery I
Introduction 1
Our blog 2
Blog posts 3
Integrated into a brand 4
Analysis of two used marketing tools 5
Integrated marketing communication 7
Further improvement 9
Conclusion 9
References II
Annex III
Appendices IV


Nowadays the social media is deeply entrenched in our lives. “Media richness theory” defined by Daft and Lengel, (1984) (See annex 1) is stated as “The ability of information to change

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