Lwv Annual Meeting Essay

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As we come to the end of another program year, the LWV-CC Executive Board is keenly aware that means we are already gearing up for the next year. So let’s take a moment to say thanks to those who have made this such a productive and fun year – not without its challenges but leaving us all with a well-earned sense of accomplishment and pride. To the outgoing board – THANK YOU! Chris Garcia, Bobbie Wood-Hughes, Maria Jimenez, and Coretta Graham, to say that we’ll miss you is such an understatement! We know that your contribution to the League will continue, however, and we look forward to new working relationships with you. To those members of the League who have worked so hard this year, Thank You and let us continue to work. This will be a very important year. 2014 is a General Election YEAR!!! Register, register, register VOTERS and let us encourage every single registered VOTER to VOTE!!! At the May 26, 2016 Annual Meeting we celebrated the number of VOTERS LWV-CC registered, record number. Thank Ruth Falck and Sandra Heatherley.…show more content…
A recognition of her service not only to the LWV-TX. but to our local LEAGUE. Chris Garcia is a LWV-CC Legacy Member-Servant Leadership is demonstrated continually. Her dedicated service is what makes LWV-CC one of the top five LEAGUES in the state of TEXAS. I revere the wisdom and knowledge of our most active current and past members, and we strive to bring additional members into active involvement while maintaining our high standards, integrity and strong nonpartisanship. Our brand is well respected and strong. Our prime directive is VOTER
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