Lydon B. Johnson: Of Greatness and Obscurity

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LYNDON B. JOHNSON – OF GREATNESS AND OBSCURITY 2 Lyndon B. Johnson – Of Greatness and Obscurity I. Introduction II. Early Life III. Early-Political Career A. Campaigner B. “Little Congress” C. Marriage and Start of a Political Career III. Political Career A. House of Representatives B. Senate III. White House Years A. Vice President B. President Lyndon B. Johnson IV. Later Life Introduction Lyndon B. Johnson’s is a name that is rarely spoken today. He is a man whose legacy is often rarely given examination and emphasis by pre-college academia and in the public light except during anniversary oriented civil rights celebrations. His actions during his political career and during his presidency has produced long lasting social and civil rights reforms that have endured more than half a century later. These reforms have produced and have been the backbone of social support program since their inception. Social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, equal LYNDON B. JOHNSON – OF GREATNESS AND OBSCURITY 2 voting rights, Immigration, Gun Control, and Food Stamps to name a few are the result of his labor and passions during his Presidency. Unfortunately, historians and human beings in general remember all of fame or infamy by either their brightest accomplishments or their most glaring failures and such is the case with the 36th President of the United States. This short biography will briefly examine Lyndon B.

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