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“Lyft is all about taking cars off the road via ridesharing. This is NOT merely a cool new use of technology to efficiently onboard and route more cars, cabs, town cars and limos. Lyft wants to use technology to get everyone who currently owns a car to join a trusted information network to share rides.” – Scott Weis, 2013

Lyft current specific segments are:
• Socially conscious
• Environment friendly
• Tech-savvy millennials
• Busy city professionals
• Population active at night o College towns o Large cities
• Cost conscious

Lyfts’ general segments are:
Criteria Segment
Geographic region Across all United States
Density Urban, Suburban, Rural
Demographic age All ages
Family size All sizes
Gender All genders
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These, of course, align with some of the key values towards a unique customer service that Lyft possesses and can capitalize on.

One of Lyfts’ differentiating factor is it prides itself on possessing the most social experience there is for a rideshare company. As the American population continues to become more educated, their consumer behavior has shifted to where they are more conscious of corporation impacts to the environment they live in or hope their children will reside in. Lyft through the ridesharing platform where ridesharing can be argued reduces greenhouse gas via reducing car densities on the road, they can capitalize on it and target more environment conscious customers. Furthermore, Lyft can continue to strengthen their commitment to contributing to reduce negative environment impacts pertaining to cars and court the next generation of customers after the millennials, generation Z which are expected to continue to become more educated and environment conscious.
Another target Lyft should capitalize on are cities/towns that have profiles centered on community orientation and social bonds. Lyft mission can easily align with such cities/towns.

Lyft through their data collection should start targeting light to medium users to convert to heavy users while attempting to convert 90% of first time users to regular users. Furthermore understanding their passive customers and converting them to loyal customers. Also, Lyft can target a segment that is

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