Lying : A Negative Connotation Essay

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Lying has a negative connotation in society. Once word goes around about an individual being a liar, the brutality of ostracizing commences, as if the world doesn’t possess enough pressures already. Yet, everyone lies, and lying can have positive benefits. We lie to protect our loved ones, to protect ourselves from harmful individuals or situations, and to avoid information going into the wrong hands. However, there are lies, such as rumors, that are used to destroy others identities, social life, self-concept, and those who habitually need to lie to feel more reassured of themselves as individuals. Lying’s powerful capabilities are bittersweet to say the least, but within justified moderation, they can pull that three-week-old unidentifiable murky colored gum off from the bottom of your shoe. Growing up, I did what every typical kid did: lie to look cool. Surrounded by a father who continually avoided me when sober did nothing for my ego but nudge me downward. The attention I was receiving wasn’t healthy, so in rebuttal, I tried to become popular. This didn’t work out because of my supposed frizzy curly hair and presumed obnoxiously loud personality. So, I did what any bullied kid did, lie to their parents and lie to others to try to finally fit in into the "in crowd." Being the impatient individual I am, I stopped trying after a couple of months. I stopped lying and started telling the truth. I told that brat, Alyssa, that she was in fact, a brat, and that
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