Lying And Deception Of Romantic Relationships

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Lying and Deception in Romantic Relationships
Introduction: During this paper we will look at why people lie to others. When judging a lie, it can be easier to accept if one looks at the purpose behind it. Different intentions bring different levels of deserving judgment. Through research, I found that many people have already studied relationship deceit. Many researchers have proven that deceit often comes from the want to protect their significant other, rather than hurt them. I will discuss coping mechanisms for handling when this situation arises.

Purpose: Recently I got married. Wanting to start the relationship off as “right” as I could, I wanted to discover ways people lie and how to understand lies better as well as prevent them. I wanted to have a deep, all-encompassing conversation with my now husband about why we would lie to each other and how to prevent or at least understand it. It is not realistic to expect someone to never lie, but being able to handle it properly will lead one steps ahead the others who don’t learn to deal with it.

Problem and Solution and Literary Review: Most people consider lies, in all forms, to be wrong under every circumstance. The society in which most live in consider lying to be a sin, a crime that is committed against humanity. Why is it that everyone lies then? What many people don’t consider is how many lies are told to protect the ones they love. The motivation behind the lie can be critical in determining how…
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