Lying Is Sometimes Justified In Research

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Sometimes you lie to not hurt someone,other times you lie just to be deceiving.
Sometimes a person can lie to someone when the case is really bad and you just have to or else it will cause pain,on the other hand some people lie to gain personal advantage. Lying is sometimes justified when you are in a case involving someone's feelings,but when you lie just to hurt someone you then become the image of a cruel person. When choosing to lie,you should only be in the position of having to lie for an emotional cause,if you lie just to damage a person emotionally your what you call a cheat. Lying is sometimes justified when you truly need to lie about something important ,but when you lie just for fun of it you are making yourself look like
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On the other hand Tim states if you tell a lie tell another until that one is covered up,which isn’t so good. The lie shoneta told to her mother was so her mother wouldn’t be mad,sad,or disappointed which was an act to not not hurt someone in this case her mom. On the other hand Tim wasn’t really upset with his decisions on lying and never getting to tell the truth. When you always lie you soon start to lose trust in yourself .But when you sometimes lie on certain things such as to keep someone from harm it's okay. Once a person lies bit by bit that person soon realizes how fake they are. When you lie to help someone you're saving one day without pain and stress. Once you step into the path of liars you lose the advantages of telling the truth,and being honest with other people,once people start to realize you lied they will see you as nothing else but a person with fake
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