Lying Is Unneccessary and It Can Hurt You

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Lying that you didn’t eat the last cookie from the jar can’t compare to the lies that some important people have told. Lying is a crime. Time, money and care are stolen because liars were able to fill people’s heads with false information. It is not fair to the people who believe these unpleasant lies. Yes, it is but a lie can be disrespectful, hurtful and dangerous. However, what happens when a lie is told and revealed? It is too late to actually tell the truth. By the time you are about to explain it, everyone is already mad and disappointed at you. What if we turn it all around? What if the superhero is already there to the save day? No one needs to signal them or cry to let them know that there is a crisis. The fact is the superhero exists, he’s always going to be locked up inside you and it’s called the truth. The truth can be told right after an incident and there’s no point for the villainous lie to appear. Lying can ruin careers, as it did to Ben Johnson in 1988. Ben was born in Falmouth, Jamaica on December 30th 1961. He immigrated to Canada when he was 15 years old. Ben joined the Scarborough Optimists Track & Field Club, where he met Coach Charlie Francis. Coach Francis was a Canadian 100m sprint champion. At the 1982 Commonwealth Games, Ben won two silver medals, his first international success. He was established as Canada’s top sprinter. After Ben Johnson lost eight times, he came back in 1985 to beat Carl Lewis. Ben Johnson was a World record holder for

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