Lying in Clinic Comprehensive Information and Management System

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1. Introduction Today technologies are relevant to us. Thus, technology is fast changing in order for us to work faster, efficient and more convenient. There are lots of inventions and developed technological advances that improved our lifestyle, in school, in business, health, the food we eat, on how we communicate with each other and even how we travel around. So by this, it’s a big help for us to grow more productive and progressive. Computers can be of great help in storing of patient-related data. Nowadays, many hospitals employ computer system to maintain patient record and its detailed records of medical history of their patient. Yichang (2011) stated “along with information network era widely accepted, the safety of information…show more content…
They can too easily monitor on how many patients they’ve accommodated monthly and the average on maternal normal deliveries by age division. 2. Framework This study considers the Input-Output-Process, also known as IPO+S Model, is a functional model and functional schema of the general system. The IPO chart identifies a program’s input, its output’s and processing steps required to transform the inputs into the outputs. 3 Figure 1. Input-Process-Output The researchers applied the Input-Process-Output for the system of which has many disciplinary applications and is used to convey systems in IT overview education and as a brainstorming, preliminary investigation tool in systems development processes such as the SDLC. It consists of at least three, and sometimes four, distinct components. In contemporary Information Technology, it is almost always discussed as a four component model in which the fourth is a named optional. Data has to flow into the system in some form. INPUT is the data flowing into the system from outside. The next stage in the information flow is the input data being manipulated in some way. PROCESS is the action of manipulating the input into a more useful form. The final stage in the information flow is normally to present the information in a userfriendly way. OUTPUT is the information flowing out of the system. By using this model, it is suitable for the
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