Lyme Disease: A Personal Journal Analysis

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I’m the type of person who overthinks everything and I mean everything. I stress over every little detail whether it matters or not and I burden my brain with all the minutia of life. This kind of overthinking over long periods of time can become tedious and overwhelming. I’ve often heard that journaling or stream of conscious writing can be a healthy way of unleashing the mind and quieting the monkey chatter that can overpower the brain and leave us without focus and clarity. Even knowing this, I still have never practiced either technique. I started this course with a very negative outlook toward all the journaling I would have to do; but, I will admit, very contrary to where I started, I have come a long way. I haven’t miraculously turned into a daily journal writing…show more content…
Finding my voice and refining it has been a challenge; one that has helped me develop better writing habits by facilitating reflection and the ability to express feelings in my writing and about educational experiences.

However, journaling doesn’t always have to be all self-indulgent. Even though I’ve written about how living with Lyme disease has affected my life, my memoir story about my days as a competitive gymnast and even writing my very own resume; I still had to conform to the writing rules of the class and keep from being self-indulgent while self-examining. It was still always important and required to exercise critical thought, enhanced expression and conscious thought all while maintaining writing focus and clarity with all our assignments.

I’ve also read that journaling, as an added bonus, can improve your health; I could certainly benefit from that. Apparently, studies have shown that people who write about their feelings whether good ones or even bad can experience less stress and even increase stronger immune systems. We all know how keeping it all bottled up inside can be a recipe for disaster. Who knew journaling could increase wellbeing and
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