Lynch Mob To Kill A Mockingbird

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How the Lynch Mob was presented in How to Kill a Mocking Bird In to kill a mocking, Harper Lee uses a range of techniques to present the mob in a bad, and in cases a mocking light. When first coming on to scene, the mob is presented as one shadowy figure, but when actually inspected closely upon, it is seen that that is not the truth at all. When first shown, the lynch mob is anonymous, firstly shown when they arrive “shadows became substances as light revealed solid shapes moving towards the jail door” using metaphors to describe the mob members as “shadows [becoming] substances” gives of a atmosphere of tension and also scared the reader of the unknown. This is more exemplified by not only giving the speak a “deep voice” but also …show more content…

The mob is displayed as a farce throughout the scene, this is shown through what they do and do not do. It is first seen when they arrive and how they talk to Atticus “He in there. Mr Finch” when they call Atticus “Mr Finch” it is normally out of respect when you do so, a real ‘mob’ member who is here to lynch someone would not have the decency to acknowledge someone as “Mr”. It is again seen when Atticus politely asks them to quieten down as Tom

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