Lynching : The A Part Of Southern American And The Democrat Party 's History

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Lauren Perez
U.S. History 1302
September 30, 2015
In my opinion slavery was the foulest part of Southern American and the Democrat Party’s history. Lynching appeared to be the second worst in the rank of the most hateful actions that were allowed in this shameful pattern of American heritage. The concept of lynching evolves from the racial dominion by White plantation owners of their African slaves. It was common for a planter to gather a crowd, get hold of a runaway slave and hang him or her without any approval from the law of the land. They summarized in such an unfair way that they were simply handling their property and that did not require the attention of the police or courts. I feel this should have been put to an end much sooner. Sadly, the practice of Lynching became a wide spread in the South between 1890 and 1940. The long period of time that this occurred is just ridiculous. I am fully against the practice of Lynching, I believe it is completely unacceptable to perform this act without any kind of approval. Surely, even back then there could have been other ways to handle the punishment of these slaves. This sick innovative torture procedure was adopted by a Southern planter named James Lynch that even characterizes to the name of this brutal practice.
I am not a fan of the murderer James Lynch. He killed prisoners of war during the American Revolutionary War by hanging them through his own course of justice. I think there could have been other ways…
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