Lyndon B. Johnson And Andrew Jackson

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Editor- Very recently, your newspaper held a poll nominating which US president to be the fifth face on the famous Mount Rushmore. The top choice was Reagan, along with others, including Lyndon B. Johnson and Andrew Jackson. I believe that Reagan does certainly deserve the honor- as a US president, Ronald Reagan changed the country, taking it out of its post-Carter economic and political gloom, won the Cold War without a bloody confrontation, and created more reforms for the economy, with an impressive increase in productivity and employment. He was the most successful president of the twentieth century. The '70 's were not the best of years. For nearly an entire decade, serious inflation and unemployment on…show more content…
Consequently, he saw to strengthen the armed forces, in case of any form of attack from the Soviets. Both powers began to construct and build up arms weapons while diplomatic tensions heightened (Rossinow, 108). As this pressure mounted, the possibility of a nuclear war seemed more and more likely. Overseas, Reagan 's administration continued to support anti-communist movements in Latin America and across Asia, including the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and the Contras in Nicaragua. Despite the increase of defense projects and counter-Soviet initiatives, Reagan did desire for negotiation and improve relations between Washington and Kremlin (Rossinow, 224). Soon afterward, during his second term, Reagan held meetings with leader Mikhail Gorbachev, with whom he negotiated a treaty to eliminate a range of nuclear weapons. Between the two men was a forged relationship- as a partnership, as friends. Reagan, surprisingly, even suggested that both powers should do what they can to ensure that such weapons entirely removed from the world (Rossinow, 232)- although the proposal 's implementation did not work, it still did prove interestingly of Reagan 's thinking to establish disarmament, even if it never happened. Nonetheless, ending the war after so many decades of tension was a monumental triumph for the US and American policy. On that front, Reagan could also be credited for the rebuilding of the military and the arms forces after Carter 's time. Reagan
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