Lyndon B Johnson Heroism Essay

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Lyndon B. Johnson became the 36th president of the United States on November 22, 1963. It was after Kennedy’s assassination that Johnson was sworn in as president. To the people, the great majority thought Lyndon Johnson was safe and secure. Johnson however, was a southerner who was profoundly insecure and desperately desired to be liked; yet he constantly did things to alienate himself. Johnson did many things for the general welfare with the Great Society such as federal aid to education, the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and the Voting Rights Act. While Johnson reforms in the arts and humanities, and the environment changed the face of America, he had kept many Americans ignorant about Vietnam. Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency can be seen as an act of heroism, in fact he would have been considered a great president if had not got involved in Vietnam. Johnson’s fatal flaw, like other heroes in Shakespearean tragedies, had a weakness in …show more content…

Johnsons act, as president had been nothing but smooth riding in the passing of many reforms that benefited the population of the United States. He won passage of the War on Poverty, and signed into law bills establishing environmental protections. Johnson, however like any Shakespearean hero, is a good character to the eyes of the people and American society, but it is he who was destroyed by his own ego and desire for self-advancement. Johnson was consumed by the lust for power for presidency not just for the position but because he wanted to get things done for the people. It was Vietnam, however, that brought Johnson’s presidency to an end. Rather than resolving a war that had been passed onto him by his predecessor he escalated the war in Vietnam. Johnson was relatively successful in domestic challenges, but the tornado of Vietnam sunk his re-election bid in 1968. Johnson had abandoned his pursuit for greatness and was perceived as a defeated

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