Lyndon B Johnson Strengths And Weaknesses

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Lyndon Baines Johnson is the thirty-sixth President of the United States. This paper will discuss the topics about Lyndon B. Johnson’s early years, congressional career, white house years, and final years. Throughout this paper there will be many interesting facts about our United States President Lyndon B. Johnson. It will also discuss Lyndon B. Johnson’s strengths and weaknesses overall as a President of the United States. The goal of this paper is to tell how Lyndon B. Johnson was a successful President of the United States.
On August 27, 1908, Lyndon Baines Johnson was born near the central Texas community of Johnson City. This city was named after some of his relatives. Lyndon B. Johnson was the oldest of five children. His
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After seeing the effects of poverty and discrimination it made Johnson want to find a solution to these problems and that is how it all started. Johnson moved to Washington D.C. in 1931. He served as a congressional secretary for U.S. Representative Richard Kleberg. During this Johnson started to learn more about the political process and he began to meet influential people. On November 17, 1934, Johnson married a fellow Texan, Claudia Alta Taylor, also known as “Lady Bird” Taylor. They had two daughters named Lynda and Luci. In 1935, Johnson left Washington D.C. and went back to his home town to become the Texas director of the National Youth Administration. This administration is a federal program that helps young people find work during the Great Depression. 1937 was the beginning of Johnson’s political career. This is when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Because he was smart and hardworking he was reelected five times to the legislator. When the United States entered World War 2, Johnson became the first member of Congress to volunteer in the military. In December 1941, Johnson reported for active…show more content…
He wanted to stop North Vietnamese Communists from taking over South Vietnam government in which the U.S. supported. Johnson believed that America’s national security depended on stopping the spread of communism around the world. American and Vietnamese causalities increased, and anti-war protests went on around college campuses and cities across the U.S. Johnson was no longer popular with his own Democratic Party. Johnson announced his decision to not run for reelection because it appeared that he might face a hard challenge for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination. Johnson decided he wanted to focus on issues without dealing with the stress of a political campaign. The issues with Vietnam brought him nothing but pain and frustration during his last months in office. For four more years, the U.S. military involvement continued in Vietnam even after Johnson left Washington in January 1969. Johnson moved to his ranch in Texas. Here he worked on establishing his presidential library and writing his memoirs. On January 22, 1973, he had a heart attack. He died at his ranch at the age of 64. Lyndon B. Johnson was a very successful President in U.S. history. He had many strengths and weaknesses, but overall he was a wonderful president. After researching about Johnson I discovered how hard it is to be a president and how brave you have to be. Johnson was very brave, and he always knew how to
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