Essay about Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society by John Andrew-a Review

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Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society Review In 1964, Lyndon Johnson set out to enact the “Great Society” program in order to expand upon and complete Roosevelt’s New Deal. This was a liberal program set up to ensure that the government staked more claim in aiding the citizens of the United States. This program touched on issues such as civil rights, education, and health care which were prevalent issues at the time, and that still have a major impact on society today. John Andrew lays out in detail in the book Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society these issues, as well as others. He gives each major topic a chapter, and goes into great detail of how he feels Johnson set out to change the American political and social structure. The…show more content…
The second chapter entails Johnson’s efforts to attack poverty. This issue and civil rights Johnson felt went hand in hand, due to many African Americans being poverty stricken. He implemented the Economic Opportunity act in 1964 in order to provide jobs and other services to the poor. He set out to instill education, health care, and an overall better well being for the less fortunate. He also implemented the Community Action Program, which was set up at the local level through federal funding to combat poverty in many stricken areas. Andrew did good job of explaining the problems with the poverty act. He goes into detail of how these programs were not set up in the correct ways and were terribly under funded. He talks of how in theory these are well placed programs, but in practice they fail. He also explains how whites feel this another way for the government to give African Americans too much opportunity, and it was very scrutinized by many white citizens. Though it was an overall failure, it did set up the Head Start program which helps people find jobs, and is still in effect to this day. The third chapter focuses on health care and education. Johnson felt that all people should be entitled to an education and healthcare. He signed the Medicare and Medicaid programs in 1965 which provided funding for health care to people. These got overwhelming public support, most

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