Lynn White The Historical Roots Of The Human Impact On The Environment

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The POET model talks about how the many different primary drivers there are present in society today that aide the increase of the human impact upon the environment. The primary drivers discussed in this model are population growth, organization of governments, the environment, and the technology of today. Each of these has some varying effect upon the environment. These primary drivers each have arguments and examples from throughout history that can show how great of an influence they may have on human impact upon the environment. One aspect that is sometimes forgotten about it the concept of how values effect the drivers within the POET model. Values can certainly effect the increase or decrease in population and can even effect technology that is produced around the globe. Author Lynn White begins to go in depth about the topic of how religious values have shaped the science and technology that we know today in his article titled “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crises”. White delves into the history of Judeo-Christianity and the influence this religion has had upon the world of science and technology. White begins his argument regarding Judeo-Christianity’s effects upon science and technology by speaking about the original rise of these concepts beginning in the Middle Ages. At the time of the Middle Ages, religion had a very large influence upon the views of the relationship between humans and the environment. Stemming from prevalent Christian views of the
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