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Grilling season is almost here, and it’s time to either check out our lineup of Lynx professional grills Dallas TX or make sure yours is up and running. Do you find that there’s anything lacking in your grill, though?
Perhaps it doesn’t cook your food perfectly without you having to check the meat?
Maybe you can’t have a conversation with your grill?
Worse yet, maybe your grill doesn’t read you the exact temperature and the time remaining before you meat is cooked out loud.
If you’ve made it this far, you may think we’ve lost our minds---but no, we haven’t. Lynx has actually invented a line professional grills Dallas TX called the SmartGrill, and it responds to voice commands and regulates your food while you worry about other things. Don’t believe us?
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It’s true.
Lynx Outdoor Grill Dallas TX: Here’s the Low-Down on the SmartGrill
You can either command the grill with your voice, or you can install an app that will cook your food even without you commanding it step-by-step. What do you think---does that take away from the grilling experience, or is it a life-saver? Surely multitaskers will love the grill, as well as those who love cool tech, but “purists” may find the capabilities of the SmartGrill to be invasive.
Apparently, the SmartGrill was revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2014---while it is on the market, it hasn’t seemed to catch public appeal just yet, maybe because of the price tag. They run between $7,000 and $9,000.
Lynx Professional Grills Dallas TX: SmartGrill Features
Examiner gives a run-down of the grill’s features, and they’re pretty impressive. For instance, once you’ve programmed your grill to cook meat a certain way, it will remember your preferences and replicate that the next time (unless you wish to change the settings, of course---they are easy to
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