Lynxs: A Short Story

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How does a girl with such a broken past go on with her life? How can she go on knowing the only person she ever loved died, because of her? That’s Reign’s life. She bounced in and out of foster home, because even her own parents weren’t good enough to take care of her. Once she gotten older taking care of herself, having her own life, she still don’t know how to live on. Even with the help of her friend Andi, she still wasn’t the person she should be…Until she meets Lynxs. Lynx was a great guy that had PTSD, that helped her through her pain and turmoil. He help her open herself up and facing her problem head on. With Lynxs she finally started to see the purpose of her life. With Lynxs she had a purpose and love of another person. He is the man she never though she ever needed or deserved, but he is the man that became her everything.…show more content…
Reign was broken for so much of her life and Lynxs was just the man that help put her back into once piece. Such a great story about forgiveness, finding love and the purpose of
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