Lyric Poems in Ancient Times Essay

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The lyric poems in the ancient times are presented in the first person point of view. Since lyric poetry expresses the personal and emotional feelings of a speaker, Sappho’s poems, Abu Nawar’s verses, Egyptian poems, and Neo-Christian Aztec poems explore the emotions of the speakers as they describe their culture, lifestyle, and tradition. These verses depict the passion, love, and perspectives of the ancient civilizations The Songs of Aztec Nobility encompass the curiosity of the speaker towards her social environment. In one of the Songs of the Aztec Nobility, the speaker conveyed: “Make your beginning, / you who sing. / May you beat again / your flowered drum, / may you give joy / to my lords, / the eagles, the jaguars. / Briefly are…show more content…
All these lines present sexual connection between the goddess and the persona. The speaker asks the goddess to enter him—to become his ally. The grueling anxiety of the speaker represents the aloneness and eagerness of the persona to feel the goddess. Through metaphorical and symbolic words, the poet is able to hide the real meaning of his verses. Meanwhile, Arabic poetry is presents the ideologies and perspectives of the speaker about life and love rather than stating their desires to achieve satisfaction that Greek poetry used to establish. In the first part of Abu Nawar’s poem, the speaker said: “I die of love for him, perfect in every way, / Lost in the strains of wafting music. / My eyes are fixed upon his delightful body / And I do not wonder at his beauty” (1-4). In Nawar’s poem, the speaker describes the “aftermath” of his emotional state. This poem is straightforward despite of its theme—gay love and relationship. The poet does not use complicated words to describe the emotions of the persona. It presents that the poet strongly expresses the concept of gayness without hesitations and pretensions. Nawar also wants to show how gay love occurs within the character of his speaker using simple, but powerful words to unravel the emotions of the persona. Egyptian’s poetry is also similar to Arabic poetry when it comes to choice of words—using simple vocabularies to
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