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Summer, the time of nuptial love! This season is truly sacred. Horae, goddess of the seasons, is at work bringing the summer out of the light spring. And Helius, god of the sun, is shinning the sun down on us brighter than ever. Naturally, many lovers join together in the summer to marry for eternity.
This wedding season in particular is very special. This summer we had a total of three nuptial ceremonies in the noble families, including the king himself. “The lovers full of joy and mirth... Joy and fresh days of love accompany [their] hearts!” (145). These marriages include, King Theseus and Queen Hippolyta, noble Lysander and Lady Hermia, and noble Demetrius and Helena. The wedding of King Theseus and Queen Hippolyta has long been expected.
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The public is openly perplexed by the swift change from the expected events. Because of the well-known order of Helena’s father, Egeus, it was nearly certain that Helena was to marry Demetrius. However, it was rumored that Hermia actually loved Lysander. A witness on the scene claims he saw these two lovers planning to run away together into the forest. What transpired in the woods is an utter mystery. Too many puzzling rumors float through the air to decipher what really happened. The most popular story came from the four young lovers themselves. However, “’tis strange... that these lovers speak of,” (143). Their unbelievable story of magic and fairies does not fool most. Everyone knows “the lunatic, the lover, and the poet are of imagination all compact,” (143). We may never know what really happened in there. All we know is the lovers Lysander and Hermia, who was expected to marry Demetrius, entered the forest one night followed by Demetrius and Helena, Hermia’s friend who loved Demetrius (a rumor widely known to the public). And several days later, all four emerged as a pair of married couples. Now, Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena, and King Theseus and Queen Hippolyta are all happily married. The people are absolutely dazzled and mesmerized by the unexpected turn of events. The question on everyone’s mind: What’s comes next for the mysterious
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