Lysistrat Women 's Rights

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Using the three Greek works that divulge many facts about the everyday life of Athenian women, I will compare how the reality of women’s lives is depicted. Such as the wife of Euphiletus having a mistress, Lysistrata was so brave towards men, nor Neaera whom was a slave.
In the play of Lysistrata we see how women are depicted sexual. Also on how women were supposed to always be at home while their husbands were away at war. Women duties were to be at home with their son and taking care of the household needs. Lysistrata notes “Oh what a low and horny race are we! No wonder men write tragedies about us we’re nothing but Poseidon and a bucket... (145)”. Women were depicted as having no control of themselves, and their husband seem the need to keep them controlled because of their desires. Which Lysistrata has shown as being tragedies men wrote about their wives. Lysistrata goal was to get the women help to have men end the war against Sparta, but when she mentioned to women that they had so resisted from their husband sexual desired they started to walk away from the Akropolis. The act of the women turning away therefore shows why Lysistrata reacted by saying “All right. We’re going to have to give up ----cock. Why are you all turning away from me? Where are you going? (130)”. In reaction to their act that is why Lysistrata mentioned the fact in line 145 on what horny race they were.
In the 3rd Episode of the Lysistrata play, lines 845-1025 shows how Kinesias, Myrrhine

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