Lysistrata Themes

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Amanda Phakonekham
September 15, 2015
Kathleen Normington
TA 13: Sec 01 Great Comedies for Theatre
Lysistrata Essay Lysistrata, written by playwright Aristophanes creates a play with an acute political satire and a comedic mayhem about one woman’s remarkable mission to end the Peloponnesian War. In all, woman, Lysistrata, ends the war is by convincing all wives to withhold all sexual privileges from their husbands. Thus forcing their husbands to end the war with peace. In this comedic play many themes are highlighted throughout the scenes. One theme in particular spoke of the Peloponnesian War and how this war between Athens and Sparta was a senseless waste of lives, money and energy. As one of the women, Myrrhine, tells Lysistrata that she doesn’t know why her husband is at war or no clue what he’s doing; Lysistrata says,
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The women’s husbands have invested into the war that hasn’t shown any impact. It soon becomes tedious to both the men and their wives because there seems to be no change. Also with a long ongoing war, great amounts of money are being used. Lysistrata states, “To seize the treasury; no more money, no more war.” The investments that were going into the Peloponnesian war were all by the treasury. With this quote, Lysistrata implies that she is determined to stop the men and dishonest officials from stealing the treasury’s money. Also when Lysistrata talks with the Magistrate, she tells him that the women will seize Acropolis and handle administering the money. This shows that the money the treasury owns is being used senselessly and they want a change for it.
This theme is just one of the many themes that are revealed throughout the play. Lysistrata is a play of wives who try to make peace of a useless war. The women in the play go through sacrifice and disagreements towards their husbands to try to stop the warfare and create a greater peace for both city-states
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