Lyt2 Task 1

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Current and Emerging Technologies: LYT2 Task 1

A1. Describe how the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP affect key stakeholders.

If left uncorrected, the challenges being experienced by Simple Getaways will continue to affect key stakeholders in the following ways:

• Multiple versions of office documents are passed between staff. This may result in management making poor business decisions because of inaccurate or outdated information. In addition, incorrect or outdated information may be used by employees and passed to customers.

• Each office site stores its data on local file servers. This practice makes it difficult to access and or share data across the multiple locations. Business productivity is also sacrificed as a
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• The desired performance is efficient business practices being fueled by an inefficient information-processing system. The goals are to eliminate unwanted use of multiple versions of documents and speed the time between collaborative document revisions and delivery of the final version, increase the accessibility and sharing of data across the different office sites within the company, and to eliminate processing delays for administrative tasks.

A3. Recommend a technological solution to the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP.

A technical solution can be used to improve the performance and efficiency issues experienced by Simple Gateways. My recommendation is to implement SharePoint from Microsoft and PeopleSoft from Oracle.

A3a. Justify how the recommended solution will address the challenges in the Simple Getaways RFP.

SharePoint will address the challenges experienced by Simple Gateways in the following ways:

• SharePoint will address the challenges of (1) dealing with multiple versions of documents passing between office staff; and, (2) the difficulty of sharing and accessing information stored between the different regional offices by enabling staff to share, organize, and manage information as individuals or in teams (, 2013).

o With SharePoint, contributing staff members across regional offices will be able to upload documents and share them for

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