M&B: Case Study Questions and Answers

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M&B: Questions Q1. How have the CEO and management sought to create teamwork? The CEO and management of M & B has introduced a new way of doing things that has changed the perception of the employees and introduced the team culture geared toward attaining the companies' goals and objectives collectively. The introduction of the new CEO has turned around the image of the company compared to the previous CEO where the employees felt they were to be coerced in order to deliver. The employees were never empowered and were demoralized, but the introduction of a new management approach gave the employees a sigh of relief and eased pressure off their shoulders. They now feel part of the organization and openly air their views on issues that are of great concern that need the attention of the management as compared to the previous management that had hierarchical figures. They feel much valued and more appreciated hence the synergy to work towards making the company vision a reality collectively as a team. The opening up of communication lines and the general effective communication put in place has made the flow of information within M & B to be faster, the fastness in dissemination of information has helped in speeding the response from the concerned parties as opposed to when previously staff were restricted to follow the channels of communication. The hand on approach by the management has initiated team spirit and the employees have become more proactive and problems
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