M&M Project Report

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M&M Project Report This project is a quantitative study involving descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics allow for summations about objects (FAQs-Descriptive & Inferential Statistics). With the exception of measurement error, descriptive statistics can clarify large volumes of data by reducing lots of data into a simpler summary (Trachim, 2006). The scope of the project included 60, 1.67 oz. bags of m&ms being collected from different areas, 3,364 candies total. Statistical analysis was performed to determine the mean, standard deviation, and confidence intervals. Part 1 Twenty individuals purchased a bag of 1.67 oz. M&Ms from three locations, for a total of 60 bags or 3,364 candies. The candies counted by color, bringing individual totals to Blue 665, Orange 733, Green 483, Yellow 466, Red 445, and Brown 466. Part 2 The mean, average of the population, the standard deviation, deviation in the sample, and a histogram, a graph to show the percentage of the population, was prepared. The means calculated as follows: blue 0.2072, orange 0.2271, green 0.1852, yellow 0.1165, red 0.1448, and brown 0.1192. The histogram was bell shaped with three outliers, numbers outside the given range, of 55 candies, or one bag. Part 3 Confidence intervals at 95%, the total number of candies for each color will fall between two end points, was calculated for each color. The results showed as follows: blue 19.35 to 22.09%, orange 22.29 to 24.13%, green 17.21 to 19.83%, yellow 10.57
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