M&M's Marketing History

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Company Overview

Long, Long…but not that Long Ago!
M&M’s started its gigantic universal recognition in a small kitchen by Forrest Mars Sr, all he had were a few utensils and a small oven. It was during the Spanish Civil War, young soldiers were puppets of conflictions between sides, not knowing when they will go back home and if they might make it for that matter of fact. While sustaining their orders, Forrest Mars Sr. noticed that little was there to make their time bearable, as little as a chocolate shaped pebble! Forrest Mars Sr. noticed that these little miracle pebbles were fun and convenient to eat and easy to carry around, he also noticed that its significance was due to its hard sugar coating over the chocolate which kept it
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So they fired up the anticipation of the new millennium much earlier, bravely starring in their new 3D movie at the M&M's World in Las Vegas.

Still the world's largest confectionary Brand released a new line of M&M's Crispy Chocolate Candies; this brought an overwhelming response from consumers all over.

They don’t look friendly…that one has sharp teeth!!
In the mid of the year 2000, M&M's Mini's which were packed in small tubes now have been re-introduced in a larger king-sized tubes called M&M's Mini's Mega Tubes. These larger tubes were made just for kids to eat and collect!

To be politically correct…..says Red
Another major change occurred in the summer of 2000, Red was convinced that the original name of M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies wasn’t giving the proper justification for the delicious chocolate pebbles because they simply too good. So with a green light from the headquarters he made an announcement of the new name for the Brand from M&M's Plain Chocolate to M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies.

Let's go Global!
2001 – 2002, M&M's witnessed the greatest promotion it ever launched in its' 63 years of life, with what was called The Global Color Vote! This Global promotion reached M&M's lovers from over 200 countries to
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