M & O Reflective Essay

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I manage the Management & Operating (M&0) Programs to include processes, functions & procedures. I manage a total of 40 M&O slots, & work closely with the Program Liaison’s & POC in Mgmt. & Budget to ensure all agreements reflect current year, verbiage is accurate & site/lab concurrence is received. I submit final agreements to DNN’s front office for approval. I maintain all M&O agreements & create monthly spreadsheets reflecting current, new & departing M&O’s, agreements due to expire & renewals. I ensure all communication regarding M&O status is updated & distributed weekly. I aid the Program Liaison’s in staying on task with processes & procedures, ensuring agreements & move sheets are completed & received within the allotted time frame. Once concurrence is received, I e-mail final agreements for distribution. I reviewed & analyzed the FY16 M&O staffing report to determine how many M&O Contractors are needed based upon organizational needs & work demands. I participate in M&O tag-ups with MB to discuss updates, procedures, guidance & policy. As the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) central POC for DNN, I manage…show more content…
I keep a running log to ensure room numbers, location, type of employee, e-mail address & contact numbers are kept updated. I ensure Wireless Priority Service (WPS) & Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) subscribers are tested on a quarterly basis by DOE's Emergency Mgmt. team, and ensure all employee’s participate in the testing. Upon completion of testing, I review the final report for accuracy & distribution. I assist the Program’s in establishing an accountability system for their staff, & conduct a yearly DNN internal WPS/GETS testing to ensure staff are compliant with testing requirements, & I obtain & terminate WPS/GETS accounts as
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