M & S Target Market

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It was founded in 1884; M&S has grown from one market to an international, multi – channel retailer. The shop sells high quality cloth with a good value and food, which is also high quality.

Target Market – characteristics of the target market
M&S target market was to attract more people to their stores, usually people that visit M&S has an average income. M&S will provide a better offers for the customers. The shop has quite high prices for products, so not everyone can afford it. That is one of the main targets of M&S. As well as they targeting for different gender as M&S provides women’s and mans wear. Also targeting for people interests, for people who are interested in a cloth with a good quality. M&S targeting their
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It’s a benefit for the customers, is very easy to find it. The building has a clear glass windows and each window has a poster of the product they’ve got inside, which are reflects the ambience of the store. Window displays attract people because they can see on the posters what the shop has inside, and if they can see something that they might need, they will go and buy it. This shop also has website in order to improve the service level . It provides food, drinks, cloth and technology. All the ages can buy things from that market so as gender. The customer service level is high; it also has a self-service checkout. The design of the store inside is modern and very colorful, it has a very fresh air inside and it’s very organized. The cashier packs your food in bags, which has the same colour as the logo of the shop.

Staff and customer service
All the staff has a dress code, but not all the staff has the same role. The cashier’s dress code is to wear something comfortable but what provides M&S with the logo on the cloth. The security guys got to wear an M&S suit too look casual and responsible. The level of service is average you have to serve yourself in the products area before you get to the till. The cloth area has a better service, the services helps you to choose the cloth needed so as the size and quality. They don’t have personal selling, because they don’t build a relationship with the customers. The fitting rooms are not very good; some of them
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