M & S 's Tv Advertising And Primark

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This report will explore two different organisations and how consumers react to their two marketing communication e.g. M&S’s TV advertising and Primark’s main website. The reasons for choosing these organisations is because they are well-known brands with different key target demographics. Pricing for their products are generally at opposite ends of the scale and both organisations use unique styles for advertising. Furthermore, it will understand both organisation’s psychological approaches to its customers. This is important because it can help businesses gain an understanding of how consumers value their products and how to further increase this in the future. (Butler, 2013). The key message the M&S and Primark advertisers wish to communicate is that both organisations will provide everything consumers need for the perfect Christmas(Schiffman, 2004).
Marks & Spencers and Primark are two different organisations. Marks & Spencers (M&S) was created in 1884 in Kirkgate Market Leeds and Primark was created in 1969 in Dublin (M&S). M&S are known for their upmarket foods, high quality and great value clothing and home products (M&S, 2012). Appendix 1, shows the M&S Christmas collection. The business has become an international global retailer corporation with 1253 stores over 54 territories (M&S 2013). In March 2014 M&S’s sale was £10.4bn up 4%, operating profit £818m up 4.6% (M&S,2012). Primark are a quick fashion
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