M1 D1 Unit 6 Health and Social Care Essay

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Over the year both positive and negative influences have influenced my learning. The skill I have developed for learning is my aspiration is to become a midwife, this influences my learning in the way that it gives me the hunger to learn new things and improve my knowledge and grades. By improving my knowledge I will be able to go onto the next stage of my development. I believe that if I did not have such a desire to be a midwife, it would affect my learning by creating a mental blockage which would stop my ability to take things in and learn as I would become lazy and not interested from the lack of direction in my life. As soon as I realised what I wanted to do as a career, it really highlighted my priorities and I found that I have…show more content…
Health problems can influence my learning in different ways such as be tiredness, physical illness, or mental illness. Health issues could motivate me to work since it might make me more determined to show other people that being ill whether physically or mentally is not an answer for me to not do my work which could push me to excel more with my work than I would do usually. Health problems have a positive influence on me as if I am ill, I will most likely be at home which is where I get most of my work done well as I find doing coursework at college difficult due to noise and the distractions around me. Health problems can have a negative effect on me since if I was very physically ill, I would not have the energy to be able to do coursework. My learning style is a pragmatist since I like to get feedback from others about my work, I like to experiment and try things out and I would rather get on with tasks rather than talk about. The good learning situations from being a pragmatist is I have a clear link between thinking and what has to be done, when there are opportunities I always try to try them out, and I am happy to copy from role models since it benefits me as I gain more knowledge as to what I need to do. The bad learning situations I get from this is a m unable to identify the relevance of what sometimes needs to be done in a task and I do not like not having guidance on how to do things as I get stuck very easily.
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