M1- Discuss the Role of Energy in the Body Essay

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M1- Discuss the role of energy in the body

In our bodies we need energy so that we could do things that are possible such as; move our muscles, talk and all the other things that we do. Without energy all humans would be useless not being able to do anything. Energy is needed to extract the oxygen from the areas in our bodies and diffuse it into our bloodstream. As warm blooded we can only digest food and function if our bodies are at a certain temperature and have enough energy, and energy is required for this. We need energy to move our muscles which also only operate when they are warm. Coldblooded humans use the energy from the environment as well as from their food. Energy is the capacity to do work in our bodies. That means doing
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Your weight stays about the same if the energy from food matches the energy requirements of the body.
All of the chemical processes of the cell are called metabolism. The breakdown or degradation of complex organic molecules to yield simple molecules and energy is called catabolism. Anabolism is the total biosynthetic processes where large complex molecules are made from small simple molecules. Anabolic processes require energy because order is being created and thus work must be done. Overall, both processes of metabolism must occur concurrently because catabolism provides the energy necessary for anabolism.

Role of energy in the cells:
The body and cells need a constant supply of energy for a variety of reasons. Energy is needed to carry out mechanical work which involves the change in location or orientation of a body part or the cell itself. A major example is the energy required for the contraction of muscles. Molecular transport also requires energy. The movement of molecules from an area of low concentration to an area of higher concentration requires energy since this is opposite to the normal movement of molecules. This process is also called active transport. Examples include the movement of nutrient raw materials into a cell and the movement of waste materials out of the cell. Electrical work is also included under molecular transport

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