M1 Stakeholders, Aims & Objectives

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M1. Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations. A stakeholder is anyone who is interested in the success of an organisation, and often the stakeholders have a large influence on the business’s aims and objectives. In this assignment I will be explaining why stakeholders would be interested in a company’s aims and objectives and why each stakeholder would be interested in my two chosen organisations joining together.There are many explanations as to why a stakeholder might be interested in a company’s aims and objectives, some for financial reasons in order to make a profit and others for employment reasons. Two different stakeholders may often have…show more content…
The idea of pairing my two selected organisations may appeal the suppliers due to the fact that this may generate more business between Nike and its suppliers. This will result in more sales and create more of a profit for the suppliers. Within a small organisation, the most important stakeholders alongside the owner are the managers and employees who run the business due to the fact that they tend to be family run businesses where there are few levels of hierarchy. This allows customers and staff to have more of a say when it comes to business decisions. They are able to give feedback to the directors more easily compared to an employee working in a Nike store. Although Nike does receive feedback from shop floors, it tends to take much longer to reach product development due to the large number of hierarchy which it has to go through first. Workers within both organisations are mostly interested in earning high wages, along with keeping their jobs and being presented with opportunities to be promoted. For this reason I believe neither set of workers from either of my selected organisations would feel negatively towards the pairing of these two companies as this will not affect their employment. However within a small organisation such as North Dorset RFC more specifically, workers are more involved in the running of the
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