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l M150 Mathematics and Computing: Level 1 M150 Data, computing and information M150 AB1 Assignment Booklet 1 Contents TMA M150 01 2006J Cut-off date 14 November 2006 This assignment should be submitted via the Electronic TMA (eTMA) system. You should write your solutions to the questions in a single wordprocessed document, which is named using your OUCU (e.g. tst99) as follows: tst99_TMA01 Head the document with your name, the number of the TMA (as given above) and your Personal Identifier. You do not need to include any other forms with your document. Submit your document as a zip file to the eTMA system on or preferably before the cut-off date shown above. You will find details on how to create a zip archive file in the…show more content…
These tell you what you should be able to do after studying the course. Write down the learning outcome that you feel you are most interested in achieving, and write one or two sentences to describe why you have chosen that learning outcome. [3] (e) Who should you contact with queries about course software? [2] (f) There is no extension possible for CMA 41. If you feel there are exceptional circumstances why you cannot complete and post or upload the CMA to arrive in Milton Keynes by the cut-off date what should you do? What might be an exceptional circumstance? (Hint: you might find the Assessment Handbook useful.) [2] (ii) Read the whole question before beginning to do the tasks. (a) Use a search engine to find out when Alan Turing was born and his contribution to computer science. As your answer to this question give: • the name of the search engine used • the search terms you entered • the reference to the website you considered most appropriate • the year of his birth • his importance to computer science. [8] page 3 of 8 (b) What is the Turing Test and what is it used for? In your answer include an appropriate, properly referenced, excerpt from your chosen website. [6] (c) The results of a weather station are stored on a computer. They are presented as a bar chart showing rainfall for the months of the year. Is the bar chart an example of data or a representation of information? Explain your

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