M16CAB Research Investigation

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The application of reinforced soil structures for highway infrastructure M16CAB Research Investigation Beghal Rasool (4096005) 2014/2015 Coventry University Faculty Of Engineering and Computing Department Of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Basal reinforcement(Embankment) 2 1.2 Retaining wall 3 2. Method of construction 4 2.1 Method of construction for embankment 4 2.2 Consideration failure zone for embankment 4 2.3 Method of construction for Retaining wall 4 2.4 Consideration of failure modes for Retaining wall 4 3. Comparison criteria 4 3.1Advantages of the types of geosynthytic…show more content…
Figure2.4.a: Bearing capacity failure for retaining wall Failure principles for retaining walls are similar to those for embankment when bearing capacity of the foundation is insufficient to carry the load pf soil block and facing wall failure will occur. • Sliding out at the base Sliding failure will occur when the friction between the reinforced soil and sub grade is low and the retaining wall can simply slid side way. Figure2.4.b: Sliding failure. • Overturning Overturning is the most common failure mode for retaining wall. The horizontal earth pressures behind wall exceed the capacity of geogrid to restrain. The wall will rotate forward pivoting on its base. Figure2.4.c: Overturning failure. • Using anchor in retaining wall will help to reduce the thickness of reinforcement by introducing the anchor which can provide with a good passive resistance. Figure 2.4.d: Anchor used to provide passive
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