M2 Unit 37 (Btec Business Level 3) Essay

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M2(Unit 37) - Assess the social implications of business ethics facing a selected business in its different areas of activity Environment- the environment can affect the human activity. So for example; global warming which is the warming of the planet’s surface that is caused by carbon dioxide. In order to run a business efficiently they would need to make sure that their customers are aware of all the environmentally friendly activities that they do and that they are not harming the environment in anyway as some customers do take keeping environment healthy seriously. Sainsbury’s is really cautious about caring about the environmental and being eco-friendly and making sure that they are not causing any damage to the areas around them.…show more content…
Trading fairly- these are the rules the businesses need to follow which include; the business needs to run in an open manner, competition can only happen in between companies that belong to equal parties and making sure their customers are satisfied and are feeling secured with the business’s products and the quality of the products. All businesses need to make sure that they are honest to their customers and are describing their products as it is to their customers so that they do not get angry by getting the wrong information. Sainsbury’s use many products that are organic and make many fair-trade products such as; fresh fruits. They need to make sure all their products are traded fairly and are paying their suppliers and employees fairly and make sure they are now paying them below the national minimum wage. They cannot cheat on their employee by providing them with the wrong information about the product or charge their customers extra for the product. All businesses need to follow all the rules and regulations in order to run ethically. Legal and regulatory compliance- all businesses must follow all the laws and regulations that have been set because if they do not agree to following the rules they would not be running the business ethically. Every organisation must be truthful to their customers and provide them with the correct information about the product and also not overcharge them for any of their

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