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Module 2 – Assignment 3 Practice Case Examination Additional Information (Time Allowed: 4 hours) Notes: i) Candidates must not identify themselves in answering the question. ii) All answers must be written on official answer sheets or in official electronic files. Work done on the question paper or on the Backgrounder will NOT be marked. iii) Included in the examination envelope is a standard supplement consisting of formulae and tables that may be useful for answering the question. iv) Examination answer sheets MUST NOT BE REMOVED from the examination writing centre, except for the Instruction Sheet to Electronic Exam Writer, if applicable. All used and unused answer sheets, working papers, Backgrounder,…show more content…
They indicated that CIDA would be willing to contribute sufficient funds to FAC to cover 75% of operating costs and 90% of the capital costs for any projects designed to fight AIDS in Africa and Asia, with a target of treating 3,000 to 6,000 AIDS patients per year for the next three years. CIDA also indicated that the project activity expenses of treating AIDS patients should not exceed $700 per patient per year. Page 2 (8 pages) CMA Canada Practice Case Examination – M2A3 Additional Information FAC Joins the Fight Against AIDS In December 2012, Dr. Green met with the board of directors to begin preparing FAC’s long-term strategic plan. After evaluating several options, the board decided to expand FAC’s mandate to include AIDS projects in Africa and Asia. One of the board members had strongly advocated this decision, citing that the AIDS problem was severely hindering FAC’s development efforts because so much of the population was afflicted that children were being forced to work in the fields rather than going to school. The board revised the mandate and set some performance targets for 2013 as follows: Mandate: Foreign Aid Canada provides humanitarian emergency relief, development assistance, through agricultural, water, and irrigation projects, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs to African and Asian countries in need. 2013 Targets: Number of projects Number of

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