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Work based assignment – M3.13 Developing yourself and others

Analysis of development needs and learning styles

I decided to complete a development needs analysis to identify any development that would enable me to upskill and improve on my current skills and abilities. I completed this in the form of a S.W.O.T analysis. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

It took me a while to consider my Strengths and Weaknesses and I found it useful to look over my job description to help me with this. On consideration I feel my strengths are good
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You then feel overwhelmed with the workload and unable to tackle it. If you do not prioritize, then you may be taking up valuable time on a task that is less urgent than another and find yourself not meeting deadlines. I feel that gaining a qualification in teaching will give me the skills required of me to fulfil my role effectively but will also give me a personal sense of achievement. Having done a teacher/trainer role for many years, I have yet to complete a qualification that reflects this and so I feel that this would be very relevant for me currently.

I supported my colleague whilst she completed her Personal Development Plan, ensuring that she was completing it in SMART targets. Her first target was to improve on her PC skills and her second target was to gain knowledge on the training programme I manage.

As my colleague’s role is office based, it is crucial that she is up to date on all computer applications and software including MS office, internet, intranet and ‘in-house’ database systems. She is relied upon to give clear and accurate information to staff and customers of which a full understanding of certain computer systems is essential. It is also good practice to have a good understanding of other staffs roles in order that she can market the company’s services as effectively as possible, therefore a good understanding of the training programmes on offer is
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