Essay on M3.21 Organising and Delegating

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M3.21 Organising and Delegating

Organising people to achieve objectives

Effective and efficient use of the team’s knowledge & skills while planning to achieve work objectives

Organizing is the managerial function of arranging people and resources to work towards a goal. In order to achieve objectives in an effective and efficient manner it is important to have a good knowledge of the team’s skills. Issues such as lack of motivation in the team, fearing of undervaluation or a poor attitude to work could fail the task and at the same time enthusiastic, motivated and given responsibility for their work team, can reach the targets and successful results. Overall objectives of the firm could be failed if the wrong person is chosen,
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Dead lines and required quality standards of cleaning, of every property individually, are agreed with customers before all works commence. Therefore, when the time for delegation arrives, all objectives are set with strategies in place and all that’s remaining is to monitor the process and to learn from the mistakes for the next year. He also has control over the other staff and decisions they make, as well as the financial side of the project. Every year seems to become busier than previous years, therefore, empowerment perfectly serves as a development of my staff. Technique to monitor the outcomes of delegation

Even if I have a good team and they are happy to take responsibilities, as a business owner, I’m the one who takes all fire and blame for their mistakes. It is increasingly more difficult to get payment for the job that has been done, however, if it is not upto the agreed standard then this is always a consistent problem. Therefore to ensure the successful completion of the set objectives, task monitoring is a must in my business. I have to make sure that I will be able to monitor the progress of all tasks and their execution and know if the tasks have been successfully completed. In my opinion the key factor in monitoring the outcomes is communication. Regular updates allow me to get the
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