M3.45 Managing and Developing Relationships in the Workplace & M3.47 Delivering Services in the Workplace

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Finn McGowan M3.45 MANAGING AND DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS IN THE WORKPLACE & M3.47 DELIVERING SERVICES IN THE WORKPLACE IDENTIFIED AND EXAMINED THE NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMERS, COLLEAGUES, STAKEHOLDERS AND RELEVANT OTHERS IN THE WORKPLACE. Before we can identify the needs of customers and stakeholders, it is important that we can identify who our customers and stakeholders actually are. Within our Facilities Team, customers could be either internal or external stake holders. Internal customers are staff members of NBC. This can range from the Chief Exec, Leader of the Council and Councillors, to neighbourhood wardens, customer facing staff and admin assistants. External customers range from a…show more content…
Most constraints for this service are down to the physical size and capacity of the rooms and once explained, (generally down to Health and Safety), this is not an issue. Another constraint for our building is parking. Whilst we do have a 50 space underground car park, this is never opened up to the exclusive use of our customers. When we explain that their elderly or disabled guests, or organisers (delivering flowers etc) will be permitted to use the car park, this usually overcomes any obstacles. (The background to no exclusive is historically guests leave their car in the car park and go to the pub etc., and once the building is locked up after an event, the on call team inevitably get called out to release the vehicle!) PLANNED THE DELIVERY OF THE FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICE IDENTIFIED INCLUDING ALL THE RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS. Planning the delivery of a Wedding Ceremony starts at the initial enquiry and we literally have to think outside the box. We have to look at what is booked, not only in adjoining rooms for the Wedding day, but the actual room on the day before and the day after the Wedding. For example we have a regular booking for Tea Dances. They use chalk to help glide. This takes hours to clean up to get the floor up to standard. Porters finish at 1500 and the Dance at 1600! We have to consider what is on the next day and time to change the

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