M3-Assignment 2: Lasa 1—Preliminary Strategy Audit

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M3-Assignment 2: LASA 1—Preliminary Strategy Audit https://homeworklance.com/downloads/m3-assignment-2-lasa-1-preliminary-strategy-audit/ M3-Assignment 2: LASA 1—Preliminary Strategy Audit The end result of this course is developing a strategy audit. In this module, you will outline and draft a preliminary framework for your final product. This provides you with the opportunity to get feedback before a final submission. In Module 1, you reviewed the instructions for the capstone strategy audit assignment and grading rubric due in Module 5. By now, you have completed the following steps: • Identified the organization for your report • Interviewed at least one key mid-level or senior-level manager • Created a market position…show more content…
• Include a preliminary set of recommended tactics for improving your company’s strategic alignment and operating performance. o You may modify these recommendations in your final report based on the additional analysis you will conduct in the next module as well as the feedback you receive on this paper from your instructor. o Keep in mind that recommendations can include, but are not limited to, tactics in marketing, branding, alliances, mergers and acquisitions, integration, product development, diversification or divestiture, and globalization. If you recommend your company to go global, you must include a supply chain analysis and an analysis of your firm’s global capabilities. Write your report as though you are a consultant to your company and are addressing the executive officers of this company. Write a 7-page report in Word format. Make sure your writing is clear, concise, and in an organized manner; demonstrates ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use the following format for your report: • Cover page • Executive summary/abstract • Table of contents • Introduction to company (each subsection should be an assessment) o Value proposition o Market position o Competitive advantage • External environmental scan/five forces analysis o Current

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