M3 Explain How the Results from Measuring and Managing Performance Inform Employee Development

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Measuring and managing helps a company to improve quality, retain key employees and be ahead of their competitors. A company can see how well a business is doing by the amount of customers and profits they make. They can compare how well employees work by checking each employee individually to see how much they have produced. Measuring employee development can be done by:
Bench marking
Using standard measurements in a service can be used to compare with other organizations in order to gain perspective on organizational performance. Performance management bring together many of the elements which go to make up the successful practice of people management, including learning and development. We’re used to thinking of ongoing performance
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an employee may feel they would like to attend a particular course in the coming appraisal period, but if it does not met a business need the manager may need to persuade them to understand different trainings.
Since Marriott hotel has products and service they can see how many guests have check in and out within the last months. Like this they can manage and see that customers are satisfied with their staff’s performances. They can also calculate the amount of complaints taken and who worked on that day to have their individual judgment on how they can improve customers satisfaction. Goal setting is important for providing ongoing and year end feedback. By monitoring targets management can give their employees input on their performances while motivating them to achieve more. It is important that targets are relevant to employee as well as the employer so they everyone is aware of what needs to be achieved and that way in which the targets will help to meet the business and employee needs. Staying on top of employee progress will help from any mistakes coming in the long run. This could be done by asking your employee what type of monitoring and feedback would be most helpful to them, especially if the task is challenging or if it’s the first time there doing it. A good way to measure and manage your employee is to have performance evaluation system, managers can then see their results and the targets that can perform, achieve and make

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