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Exam I Study Guide 1. Definition and focus of sport sociology. a. Sociology: interaction between groups and their inherent cultures b. Sport sociology: relationship between sport and society by examining its inherent institutions (race, genders…) i. “Sport is a microcosm of society. It mirrors our culture” (drugs, women, scandal) 2. Definition of the following terms: c. Socialization: The process of interacting with other people and learning social customs, morals and values. One becomes socialized by observation, participation, and/or reinforcement . *economics affects socialization more than anything* as well as personal attributes, significant others, and social situation d. Culture:…show more content…
Catharsis: relief through sport. Pent up aggression taken out on field j. Hubris: following the norms of the sport ethic iv. Sharing a special bond among athletes v. Deviant over conformity, group dynamic k. Deviance: does participation in sport provide a cure for deviant behavior or is it out of control? Violence, drugs, sexual promiscuity, cheating, gambling, crime l. Deviant: behavior that differs from the accepted norm m. Functionalist: believes deviance disrupts shared values (fanatic) n. Critical Theory: believes deviance is based in social process and power relations, it is a microcosm of society. (both good and bad sides) o. Conflict Theory: deviance interferes with the interests of those with economic power (only looks at the negatives) p. Interactionist Theory: believe that society is bottom up rather than the top down; they focus on the social interactions among people that are based on the reality people choose to accept (you interact with friends because they interact with sport) 3. Know what is meant by the phrase, “sport is a microcosm of society.” 4. Who developed and what is the Dominant American Sports Creed. q. Dr. Edwards r. Character, discipline, competition, physical fitness, mental fitness, nationalism, religiosity 5. Which social status is important to

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