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Minor case FootView 3D
Module 4: Product and market development

1, What are the strategic options for product and/or market development for the organisation? – Ansoff’s product-matrix

Ansoff’s product-matrix


Existing products
New Products



Market Penetration:

Price drop for current measurement unit (UK)-- not mentioned in case

Product Development:

New generation(cheaper) measurement unit & innovative and cost effective prototypes in UK market


Market Development:

Targeting new customer segments in the same
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Sending marketing employees to China for six months in order to establish relationship.
Began to make contact with senior people in the China business network, especially with the local trade association.
ConQ need spend heavily on advertising if they decided entry new market. May consider advertise the new products with the footwear retailers and manufacturers who using the products.
Efficiency of development
3D technology which ConQ developed was designed to detect unexploded bombs, and shows it provided highly accurate 3D imaging of feet.
Coli committed a team of ConQ scientists to develop innovative and cost-effective prototypes, and also provided them with considerable scope and independence to explore new product feature and designs.
Recruit young science and engineering graduates as idea generators.
Flatter organisation structure allows employees make judgment calls when need be.
Effective use of outside technology and external communication
Using the technology developed in defence to develop new products in the civilian (non- military) marketplace.
May using social media or set up forum to provide platform which the buyers and ending users could discuss their feedback.
Seniority and authority of responsible managers
Coli-CEO set up a senior management working group in 2012 which
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