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• Employee transcripts not on file. Alternatives: Now that we know what the problems are, what can be done to fix them? First, Carl needs to propose a quick short-term solution to complete the entire required task by June 15. The first step is to notify Monica about the situation and ask for guidance or help to correct the problems. Next, he needs to contact all the new hires and request delivery of the missing transcripts. Subsequently, the new hires that did not complete their application. Next, he needs to schedule appointments for all the immediately new 15 hires to do the drug test within a period of one week and no longer than two weeks’ time frame. This will possibly avoid future restrictions concerning drug related issues. Physicals also have the same time constraints as drug testing and will coincide with testing as they will overlap each other only to speed up the process. Out of all the 15 new hires, half of them will be scheduled for drug testing and the other half for physicals. Once the half of the hires completes one of the testing’s they will be schedule for the next testing whether it’s a physical or a drug test. This will reduce drawbacks from time limitations and testing’s. This will ensure that the new hires will be ready to start work on time. The next alternative for the campus recruiter is to figure out where the upcoming Orientation can take place. This can be in another training room, another facility, or any
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