MAN 4301 Human Resource Management

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Policy planning is the proactive method of setting goals of the organization, creating the business mission and vision, establishing ethical values and guidelines, which must be adhered to on a day-to-day basis by all members of the organizations. Over past the past decade magnitude and complexity of state and federal regulations noticeably intensified in the workplace requiring strict policy control. Furthermore, policies and procedures are the blueprint of the organizational activities that are essential for effective and efficient operations of an organization to not only safeguard the company, but also ensuring employee rights, health safety, and fairness concerns. More importantly, policy planning is a continuous process where plans are redefined and adjusted as more information becomes…show more content…
Decision-making is critical to a business helping mitigate risk and requires good judgment, considering social, humans, and ethical values before final decisions are made. Additionally, making good decisions enables organizations to identify and resolve problems, also providing organizations with the ability to identify and exploit opportunities. Through MAN 4301 Human Resource Management, this student realizes an organization can face many legal ramifications without proper policy planning. Organizations use policy planning as a way to project expectations, anticipate problems, and guide decision-making. Implementing policy planning is not just about setting rules, it includes educating and training employees, which leads to improvement of job performance and team unity. This undergraduate understands that the environments in which companies operate are full of complexities and must be addressed through sound policies and forward thinking
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